查尔斯王子和 戴安娜王妃 had a tumultuous marriage that ended in a highly publicized divorce. Here's a complete timeline of their relationship.

查尔斯王子和 戴安娜王妃's first tour of 澳大利亚 was a game-changer in their marriage.
  • 的最新季节"The Crown" shows the fictionalized beginning of 查尔斯王子' 和 戴安娜王妃's tumultuous relationship, 和 the royal couple's real-life love story was arguably just as dramatic.
  • 查尔斯王子和 Lady Diana 斯宾塞 met through her sister, Sarah 斯宾塞.
  • 当时,戴安娜(Diana)只有16岁,查尔斯王子(Charles Prince)只有29岁。
  • 查尔斯王子和 戴安娜王妃 在1996年离婚之前,他们在一起已有15年了。
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查尔斯王子和 戴安娜王妃's relationship, marriage, 和 eventual divorce have been the subject of public fascination for decades.

现在,由于Netflix,这种关系正在重新得到宣传's "The Crown," 讲述了这对夫妇的虚构版本'在第四个季节的早期

Here's a timeline of 查尔斯王子和 戴安娜王妃's tumultuous relationship, from when the young couple first met to their tragic end.

Early 1970s: 查尔斯王子 dated Camilla 派克鲍尔斯. 的 pair would remain connected for the rest of their lives, impacting his relationship with Diana.

查尔斯王子和 Camilla 派克鲍尔斯 at a polo match in 1975.
Hulton-Deutsch收藏品/ CORBIS / Corbis / 盖蒂图片社

对开始约会 据报道在 1970年在温莎城堡举行的马球比赛. Despite Camilla 和 Charles'blossoming romance, things fizzled out after the Prince of Wales was deployed in the 皇家的 Navy in 1972. 

查尔斯王子在皇家海军服役期间,卡米拉开始与陆军骑兵军官安德鲁·帕克·鲍尔斯(Andrew 派克鲍尔斯)订婚。他们于1973年结婚,但夫妻俩仍然是王子的好朋友。查尔斯王子甚至被任命为卡米拉和安德鲁·帕克·鲍尔斯的教父' first son.

Late 1970s: Charles 和 Diana were introduced through the prince's relationship with Diana's sister, Sarah 斯宾塞, in 1977.

Sarah 斯宾塞 with 查尔斯王子 in 1977.
Serge Lemoine /盖蒂图片社

与卡米拉分手后,查尔斯王子与一系列女性约会。其中包括莎拉·斯宾塞(Sarah 斯宾塞),他是贵族家庭的长女,与英国家庭和政府关系密切。 

However, the two were not meant to be. 根据 乡镇, 斯宾塞 told Time in 1978 that she did not see a future with the royal.

"我没有机会嫁给他。一世'我不爱他" 据报道她说. "And I wouldn't marry anyone I didn't love whether he were the dustman or the King of England."

However, all was not lost— Sarah's younger sister, Lady Diana 斯宾塞, was introduced to the prince at a shooting party in 1978.

"I remember thinking what a very jolly 和 amusing 和 attractive 16-year-old she was,"Charles recalled in a 1981 interview with 电报. "我的意思是,非常有趣,充满弹性,充满生活和一切。"

July 1980: Three years later, Diana 斯宾塞 和 查尔斯王子 met again, igniting a romantic relationship.

Diana 斯宾塞
Diana 斯宾塞 in 1980.

Photographers 和 journalists started following Diana as rumors swirled that she was soon to be engaged to the future king. 

根据 乡镇, many of Charles' 和 Diana's first conversations took place over the phone. Less than a year after the couple began dating 和 after only 13次面对面的会议, 查尔斯王子和 Lady Diana 斯宾塞 announced their engagement. 

February 24, 1981: 查尔斯王子, then 32, 和 Diana, then 19, announced their engagement.


From the outside looking in, 戴安娜和查尔斯 looked very much like a young couple in love. However, the princess-to-be still had doubts about her future husband. 

"我们宣布订婚的那一天,我们进行了一次可怕的采访," she 在纪录片中说,"戴安娜:用她自己的话。" "这个荒谬的[记者]说,'Are you in love?' I thought, '多么棘手的问题。' So I said, '是的,我们当然是'查尔斯转过身说,'Whatever love means.'那完全让我失望。我想,'真是个奇怪的答案。' It traumatized me."

May 1981: Diana 斯宾塞 spent time with 查尔斯王子和 the royal family at Balmoral Castle in Scotland months before the couple tied the knot.

查尔斯王子和 Lady Diana 斯宾塞 in Balmoral, Scotland, in 1981.
鲍勃·托马斯/ Popperfoto /盖蒂图片社

斯宾塞'据报道,他对巴尔莫勒尔城堡(Balmoral Castle)的访问仅标志着她与查尔斯王子的第三次正式约会。正是在这个假期中,戴安娜给王室留下了良好的印象, 记载于"The Crown."

July 29, 1981: 查尔斯王子和 Diana were married in a spectacular televised ceremony.


当时被称为"本世纪的婚礼。" Roughly 750 million 人 in 74 different countries tuned in to watch the couple tie the knot, in addition to the 600,000 spectators who lined the streets of London.

根据 英国广播公司, it marked"a highpoint"in the popularity of the British royal family in the 1980s, largely due to Diana's growing celebrity status.


查尔斯王子 kisses the hand of 戴安娜王妃 at a photo-call during their honeymoon.
鲍勃·托马斯/ Popperfoto /盖蒂图片社


根据斯蒂芬·巴里(Stephen Barry)的说法's book, "戴安娜编年史," 查尔斯王子 called Camilla 派克鲍尔斯 daily.

戴安娜王妃 also spoke about Camilla's invisible presence on the honeymoon 和 a gift the prince received from his former lover.

"在我们度蜜月时,袖扣紧贴他的手腕," 戴安娜说. "Two C'像香奈儿一样纠缠在一起'C'。得到它了。一个人确切地知道。所以我说'卡米拉给了你那些't she?' He said, 'Yes, so what's wrong? 的y'从朋友那里送礼物。'和男孩,我们有排。嫉妒,完全嫉妒。这两个人真是个好主意'C's but it wasn't that clever."


查尔斯王子和 戴安娜王妃 with their newborn son, Prince William, in June 1982.

戴安娜王妃 was the first royal to give birth in a hospital—it was custom for members of the royal family to give birth at the palace.

戴安娜和查尔斯 据报道不同意他们的第一个儿子的名字. 根据 Diana herself in Andrew Morton's book, "Diana: Her True Story,"Charles originally wanted William to be named Arthur.

March 1983年:Prince Charles, 戴安娜王妃, 和 Prince William arrived in 澳大利亚 for the couple's first official royal tour.

查尔斯王子和 戴安娜王妃 arrive for their first royal tour holding baby Prince William.
鲍勃·托马斯/ Popperfoto /盖蒂图片社

的 tour was a huge success in strengthening the presence of the royal family in 澳大利亚.

However, while 查尔斯王子 was initially intended to be the star of the tour, it was 戴安娜王妃's charm, warmth, 和 image as a doting mother that truly won over the 人 of 澳大利亚.

1983年:"Diana fever"公主风靡世界' popularity grew.


戴安娜王妃 was always eager to meet with 人 of all ages 和 backgrounds while traveling 和 refused to wear gloves when meeting 人, which was typically customary for 皇室成员.

Nearly 100,000 人 cheered for 查尔斯王子和 戴安娜王妃 as they drove through the streets of Tokyo in 1986, exemplifying that Diana'它的受欢迎程度远远超出了英国的边界。


查尔斯王子和 戴安娜王妃 leaving the hospital after the birth of Prince Harry in September 1984.
R Wells,J Fraser,P Brooks / Mirrorpix / 盖蒂图片社

根据 好的家政服务和 Diana's biography "Diana: Her True Story— in Her Own Words,"the princess kept the truth that she was carrying a boy from Charles, who reportedly was hoping for a girl.

July 1986: From the outside looking in, 查尔斯王子和 戴安娜王妃 appeared to have a happy marriage.

查尔斯王子, 戴安娜王妃, Prince Harry, 和 Prince William at Highgrove in July 1986.
蒂姆·格雷厄姆(Tim Graham)图片库/盖蒂图片社

的 pair were photographed smiling with their two children, Prince William 和 Prince Harry, at Highgrove Castle in July 1986. 的 royal family presented a united front 和 戴安娜被誉为亲切而亲切的母亲.

However, inside, Diana was in turmoil. Struggling with an eating disorder 和 marital troubles, the princess'mental health was in crisis. 

在里面 备受争议的1995年采访 与BBC的马丁·巴希尔(Martin Bashir)—她哥哥说她被骗去跟巴希尔说话—戴安娜(Diana)将贪食症描述为"婚姻状况的症状,"并描述为"a secret disease."

"您将自己强加给自己,因为自尊心处于低潮,而您不't think you'值得或有价值," she said. "每天四到五次让你的肚子饱— some do it more —它给您舒适的感觉。"

"I was crying out for help, but giving the wrong signals, 和 人 were using my bulimia as a coat on a hanger: 的y decided that was the problem — Diana was unstable," she said.

1987: After 戴安娜王妃's bodyguard was transferred to another role due to rumors the two were having a romantic relationship, trouble between the royal couple became more public.


1985年,巴里·曼纳基(Barry Mannakee)被任命为守护公主。

根据 私人录音, Diana apparently referred to her married bodyguard as the"greatest love"of her life 和 that she would have been"quite happy to give all this up 和 to just go off 和 live with him."


1986: 查尔斯王子 reportedly started a romantic relationship with his ex-girlfriend 和 friend, Camilla 派克鲍尔斯.

查尔斯王子和 Camilla 派克鲍尔斯 in 1979.

根据莎莉·贝德尔·史密斯的说法's biography of 查尔斯王子, he 和 Camilla 派克鲍尔斯 reportedly began having an affair in 1986, after years of a platonic friendship. 


In response to a question about Camilla's involvement in the"breakdown of her marriage," she 在BBC采访中说, "好吧,这场婚姻中我们三个人,所以有点拥挤。"



根据 存档的录音 from National Geographic 和 the documentary,"Diana: In Her Own Words,"Princess Diana approached Camilla at a party after becoming suspicious of her involvement with her husband. 


戴安娜然后回忆起卡米拉为自己辩护,说戴安娜曾经"世界上所有的男人。"但是,当被问到"她还想要什么"戴安娜回答说:"I want my husband."

November 1992: Details about 查尔斯王子'affair with Camilla were leaked to the Daily Mail in a scandal dubbed"Camillagate."

Lady Diana 斯宾塞 和 Camilla 派克鲍尔斯 in 1980.

内幕 以前报道过"的亲密成绩单 1989年致电"1992年11月,查尔斯王子和卡米拉(Camilla)之间的关系向公众发布。这个电话具有丑闻和性欲,据说查尔斯王子开玩笑说他想变成一对Parker Bowles' "knickers" or her tampon.

"I'只能住在裤子里面" he said. "这样会容易得多。"

December 1992: 查尔斯王子和 戴安娜王妃 separated, 和 they carried out their royal duties apart from each other.


12月,在卡米拉和查尔斯之后不久'亲密的电话成绩单一经发布,总理约翰·梅杰(John Major)确认威尔士亲王和王子已正式分开。


June 1994: 查尔斯王子 publicly admitted to having an affair with Camilla 派克鲍尔斯 和 戴安娜王妃 wore her famous "revenge dress."

戴安娜王妃 复仇礼服
戴安娜王妃穿着"revenge dress"参加1994年的名利场派对。

In June 1994, 查尔斯王子 admitted to having an affair with Camilla 派克鲍尔斯 during an interview 与纪录片制片人乔纳森·迪姆布雷比.


Dimbleby'王子的传记, "威尔士亲王传记:" later confirmed that Camilla 派克鲍尔斯 was the woman involved with 查尔斯王子 during his marriage to Diana.

的 same night the documentary was released, 戴安娜王妃 attended a Vanity Fair party wearing what would be 叫做"revenge dress" —设计师Christina Stambolian打造的贴身式露背LBD。

January 1995: Camilla 派克鲍尔斯 filed for a divorce from her husband, Andrew 派克鲍尔斯.

Camilla 派克鲍尔斯 和 Andrew 派克鲍尔斯 in 1992.
大卫·吉尔斯(David Giles)/ PA Images / 盖蒂图片社

Camilla 和 Andrew 派克鲍尔斯 announced they were getting divorced in 1995, amidst the media firestorm of 派克鲍尔斯' 和 查尔斯王子' affair.

August 1996: Charles 和 Diana officially filed for divorce after 15 years of marriage.


戴安娜王妃获得了慷慨的离婚协议,有权继续使用她的头衔"Princess of Wales,"并在肯辛顿宫保留了她的公寓。然而"people's princess"必须放弃的标题"Her 皇家的 Highness"以及将来对英国王位的任何要求。

在对巴希尔的采访中, 戴安娜王妃承认她从未见过自己统治英国,但想保留"a queen in 人's hearts."

的 late 1990s: 戴安娜王妃 was romantically linked to multiple men in the tabloids.

1997年7月,戴安娜王妃与多迪·费耶德(Dodi Fayed)度假时(未图示)。
Michel Dufour / WireImage /盖蒂图片社

戴安娜(Diana)与查尔斯王子(Charles Prince)离婚后,与许多男性求婚者有联系,其中包括外科医生哈斯纳特·艾哈迈德·汗(Hasnat Ahmad Khan),歌手布莱恩·亚当斯(Bryan Adams),最后是埃及亿万富翁的儿子多迪·法耶德(Dodi Fayed)。


Fiona Hanson-PA图片/ PA图片/盖蒂图片

在里面 early hours of August 31, 1997, 戴安娜王妃 和 Dodi Fayed were involved in a car crash that killed them both 和 driver Henri Paul in Paris, 法国. 根据 电报, Fayed 和 Paul were both killed on impact, while the 威尔士公主, then just 36, died due to injuries sustained in the crash at a French hospital a few hours later.

跟随ing her death, 查尔斯王子 traveled to Paris to bring her body back to England. He also reportedly halted plans to formally announce Camilla as his partner.

有一个巨大的 公开哀悼 对于戴安娜,"the 人's princess,"她死后。

At her funeral, her brother, Earl 斯宾塞, said in 他的悼词, "因为她的非凡魅力,使全世界从未通过电视和广播参与这项服务的数千万人从未真正见过她,他们感到自己在周日清晨也失去了亲近的人。对戴安娜的敬意比我今天所希望向她提供的更加令人钦佩。"

April 9, 2005: 查尔斯王子和 Camilla officially married after years of courtship.


After moving into Clarence House together in August 2003, the couple announced their engagement roughly two years later.

More than 30 years after the couple met at a polo match, 查尔斯王子和 Camilla married in a civil ceremony at Windsor Guildhall. 

在2007年, Camilla chose not to attend a royal memorial service recognizing the 10-year anniversary of 戴安娜王妃's death, saying she believed her"attendance could divert attention from the purpose of the occasion which is to focus on the life 和 service of Diana." 

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