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时尚 company 捷运 Couture faces backlash from 海莉 佩奇 fans after sharing a post addressing its legal battle with the 婚礼-dress designer

海莉 佩奇 Gutman
Wedding-dress designer 海莉 佩奇 Gutman recently announced her resignation from 捷运 Couture, which owns 海莉 佩奇 brands.
在 stagram的的/ allthatglittersonthegram
  • 捷运 Couture shared a statement regarding its legal proceedings with 婚礼-dress designer 海莉 佩奇 Gutman on Wednesday.
  • The company, which owns Hailey 佩奇 brands, shared the statement to the 在 stagram的 account @misshayleypaige before deleting 和 posting it on the official 捷运 account.
  • Fans of Gutman were critical of 捷运 Couture in the comments. The backlash comes days after Gutman announced her resignation from 捷运 in a 视频 星期一。
  • 捷运 sued Gutman over her personal use of social-media accounts including the @misshayleypaige account affiliated with her brands.
  • 内幕的一则投诉称,Gutman将帐户用于个人和促销职位"好像她是一个影响者。"
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时尚 company 捷运 Couture is facing backlash from 海莉 佩奇 fans on social media after sharing a statement addressing its ongoing legal battle with the 婚礼-dress designer on Wednesday.

捷运, which owns 海莉 佩奇 brands, 起诉设计师 — whose full name is 海莉 佩奇 Gutman —关于她个人使用与其品牌关联的社交媒体帐户(包括Instagram帐户)的信息 @misshayleypaige。根据Insider的调查,12月15日的投诉称Gutman开始经营该帐户,该帐户拥有110万关注者,"作为她自己的商业平台,好像她是一个影响者" this summer. 

周一,古特曼(Gutman)在辅助帐户上分享了一个视频, @allthatglittersonthegram, announcing her resignation from 捷运. 在 the 视频 , Gutman claimed she had been locked out of her main social-media accounts 和 barred from using her own name amid legal proceedings with the company.

根据 the complaint, when she signed an employment agreement in 2011, Gutman granted 捷运 "全球独家使用她的名字的权利和许可'Hayley', 'Paige', 'Hayley 佩奇 Gutman', 'Hayley Gutman', 'Hayley 佩奇'或与之设计,制造,营销和/或销售新娘服装,新娘配件以及相关新娘和婚礼物品有关的任何衍生产品。"


先前发送给Insider的单独声明, a 捷运 representative said Gutman is not banned "从访问品牌'的社交媒体帐户。"

捷运 doubled down on these points in its latest statement shared publicly on 在 stagram的.

捷运's statement about its legal battle with designer 海莉 佩奇 Gutman hasn'受到她的粉丝的好评,当公司将其发布到Instagram时出现了混乱

根据 第六页, 捷运 shared a statement to @misshayleypaige, the main 在 stagram的 account affiliated with 海莉 佩奇 brands, on Wednesday. 第六页 reports that the statement was quickly deleted 和 reposted on 捷运'的公司Instagram帐户。

"Like many things that glitter 和 shine, the issues between 捷运 Couture 和 海莉 佩奇 Gutman are multifaceted," the statement says.

"While we were shocked 和 heartbroken to see 海莉'的视频,我们认为她提到的正确谈判是这些当事方之间的私事– in this case between 海莉 和 Joe," the statement continued, referring to 捷运's CEO Joe Murphy. "But in light of some of 海莉'视频中的评论,我们不得不解决一些问题。"

"First, it is documented that 海莉 had a lawyer help her review her employment contracts. She consulted with her lawyer prior to signing the contracts,"声明如下。"There were multiple rounds of negotiations between 海莉 和 捷运 until both parties settled on an agreement each felt was fair 和 mutually beneficial."

"Second, 海莉 has access to the social media accounts 和 捷运 鼓励s 和 would welcome 海莉 to continue contributing content that is supportive of the 海莉 佩奇 brands," it says.

该语句添加:"Third, we respectfully ask that you allow 海莉, Joe 和 their attorneys to discuss the details of negotiations privately."

A post shared by 捷运 Couture (@jlm_couture)

Fans of Gutman have left a stream of negative comments under 捷运's post.


"Hayley's name is HER birth right, not 捷运s #canceljlmcouture," another added.

"I'我从事商务活动,所以我了解合同谈判以及出现问题的时间。但是不允许她使用或保留诸如她的名字之类的私人物品是错误的," someone else wrote.

A representative for 捷运 told 内幕 it didn't由于有任何负面评论而删除@misshayleypaige上的初始帖子,并且Instagram信息混乱到"human error."

"The statement was posted to @misshayleypaige, the 捷运 Couture-owned 在 stagram的 account for its 海莉 佩奇 婚礼 gown collection," they said. "在发现错误之前,它已在此处发布了几分钟。"

"When it was quickly discovered to be posted to the wrong account, 捷运 deleted it 和 instantly reposted it to the corporate site,"该代表补充说。"当它发布在品牌上'的帐户,公司收到了零回复。"

Gutman publicly announced her resignation from 捷运 和 addressed their legal dispute in a viral 在 stagram的 视频

"It is with a heavy heart that I have resigned from my role as head designer of my labels with 捷运 Couture,"古特曼(Gutman)在她的Instagram视频的标题中写道,自周一发布以来,该视频已被观看了230万次。"展望未来,我将不再与他们的任何产品相关联,包括以我的名字命名的设计和连衣裙。"

在 the 视频 , Gutman said 捷运 convinced a court to temporarily prevent her from using her name publicly 和 in a business context.



"我感到被侵犯和生气, " Gutman said. "我认为要求我上交一个装有我的个人照片和信息的帐户的目的是故意向我施加压力。"

She said 捷运 was also awarded complete control over her main social-media accounts. The 诉讼, however, says 捷运 had the @misshayleypaige account 和 other related social-media pages created for business purposes, 和 maintains that they belong to the company. (In her 视频 , Gutman claimed she created the @misshayleypaige account years ago.)


投诉说,问题始于古特曼(Gutman)用帐户名创建一个TikTok帐户"misshayleypaige"在2019年11月"and subsequently posted 视频 s that did not properly represent the HP [Hayley 佩奇] brands."

The complaint alleges that when 捷运's CEO "Joe Murphy advised Gutman that she should post 捷运 approved content on the Tik Tok account, rather than posting personal images, Gutman responded shortly thereafter by changing the password to the Main IG Account [@misshayleypaige] so that 捷运 no longer had access."

古特曼还更改了Instagram帐户的个人资料,说这是"Personal & Creative account" 和 "removed reference to 捷运"根据诉讼,这是在2019年末或2020年初的某个时候。

投诉称,七月份,古特曼(Gutman)开始分享个人帖子以及吹捧帖子"the goods of third parties, such as olive oil, beer 和 nutritional supplements, none of which were approved by 捷运." 

根据投诉,古特曼曾"been paid for these endorsements, 和 therefore has profited off the substantial investment made by 捷运 at 捷运's expense." (The complaint says 捷运 spent millions of dollars on advertising that has helped its social-media accounts grow their follower count 和 engagement.)

Although the complaint says Gutman later restored links to 捷运 on the 在 stagram的 account following a meeting with Murphy in October, she later "removed these links 和 many hundreds of bridal related posts in a further act of exercising dominion 和 control over 捷运's property" after a November 2 call with Murphy; during this call, the complaint says Murphy told Gutman the account belonged to 捷运.

当月晚些时候,古特曼拒绝了"JLM's request to add 捷运 content"到帐户,并且"坚持认为主要IG帐户是她的个人帐户,"投诉说。"Gutman still refuses to return the Main IG Account to 捷运, continues to delete 捷运 related posts on the account, continues to post off-brand content [...] 和 refuses to post the bridal related content as required by 捷运," it reads.

海莉 佩奇 Gutman Getty
古特曼告诉 内幕 she'无法确定她的下一步行动。

Gutman has also refused to give 捷运 access to the Pinterest 和 TikTok accounts under the 米海里佩奇 name, according to the complaint.

捷运 Couture previously told 第六页 it had been the sole financial backer of 海莉 佩奇 for nearly a decade 和 had helped "使其成长为成功的婚纱系列。"

声明继续:"双方就新的雇佣合同进行谈判时,双方对海莉在公司网站上推广与其无关的副业有多少自由度持不同意见。 海莉停止发布JLM内容并剥夺了该公司对该帐户的访问权限后,我们将此事提交了法院。在认真听取双方意见后,法官批准了我们《临时拘禁令》。我们尊重法官'JLM的决定,即JLM应该对公司站点具有临时控制权,并认为该过程是公平公正的。"


"It's unfortunate that 捷运 continues to make statements that are inaccurate 和 hurtful," Gutman told 在独家声明中。"JLM'他们说'encourage' me to post on the @misshayleypaige 在 stagram的 account is contradicted by the restraining order that 捷运 wrote 和 the Court ordered."

"那个约束令–这是公共记录– prohibits me from using my own personal 在 stagram的 account, including prohibiting me from making any posts, without the 捷运 CEO'的书面许可," Gutman continued. 

"I have made my position clear that my personal social media accounts should not be taken away 和 exploited by a corporate entity. I am grateful to my friends, fans, 和 followers for sticking with me through this ordeal, 和 I remain hopeful that 捷运 will do the right thing 和 return my social media accounts to me," she said. 

与Insider交流 上一篇文章,古特曼说'不确定她的下一步行动,但感觉"不胜感激"跟随她的视频回复。

"I'我要建造一个更好的城堡," Gutman told us. "我知道我想继续为新娘服务,我会找到一种方法。"

她后来补充说:"I was just horrified that 捷运 was using my account to post their commercial content in my name, 和 not tell anyone what they were doing. Now, though, I feel surrounded by support. I feel like I have made a lot of new friends, 和 if I could stand in front of each of them, I would tell them how much I love 和 appreciate them."

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